Instant bank transfer casino – Bank wire deposits

Bank wire casinos AustraliaSince banks exist, instant bank transfers are present in our lives. We use banks every day to deposit, transfer, purchase and keep our money in so no wonder that we also use them for online gambling. Your bank is ready to help you with depositing AUD and other currency to an online casino.

It is no exaggeration to say that it is one of the safest and most reliable payment methods as it is actually a transaction between two banks, yours and that of the casino. Banks implement extremely secure and bullet-proof systems, software, equipment and procedures to guarantee safety of all your data and moneys. Banking system is regulated from top to bottom by secure acts and you can contact banks in person, online and via the phone. Neosurf and POLi are safe and secure way of casino deposits and they have their own advantages. Credit cards like VISA Mastercard or American Express are popular ways of depositing money when opening a casino account to play for real money.

Every business must have a bank account and this rule of course also applies to online casinos. Only Australian players with bank accounts can enter into the world of online casinos and can make instant deposits to their casino account. If you would like to try online gambling but you do not have a bank account yet, you should visit any local bank and open an account with it. In the bank you need to present your ID documents to identify yourself properly, your data is subjected to a thorough security check to protect you and your account and transactions. As soon as you have passed the security procedures, you can enter any online casino accepting instant bank transfers and start to deposit funds.

How to use bank wire to deposit money at Australian online casinos

To be able to transfer funds from your current bank account to a casino bank account, you will need to collect several bank details of the online casino such as business name, bank account number, bank name and a few codes like SWIFT, BIC and/or IBAN. All these data can be found in your online casino dashboard or is provided by the casino support staff upon request.

There are a number of ways to make an instant bank transfer of your funds to your online casino account. The most traditional way is that you visit a bank in person, fill in the necessary form and the bank will do it for you. Nowadays you can do the same over the phone or online using your PC or mobile devices. You do not have to worry for a minute as direct bank transfers are absolutely safe because the money is sent directly to the casino’s bank with no intermediaries involved so you can be sure that nobody has access to your bank account and personal data. Such casinos are Fair Go Online, Playamo, King Billy, Kahuna, JokaRoom and Uptown Pokies in New Zealand and Australia.

After you have arranged the transfer, do not rush back to your casino account because despite bank transfers are called intsant, it does not mean they take an instant. You may have to wait up to seven business days before your funds appear on your casino account. Be aware of charges which may be a bit higher than other non-banking transactions. Consult your bank in advance to be aware of extra charges and deductions.

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In case an online casino accepts instant bank transfers for depositing, it will offer the same banking option for making withdrawals. When you intend to withdraw your winnings, you need to provide the casino with your bank details and confirm your identity with documents for security reasons. They make the necessary checks and request their bank to transfer your funds to your bank. Again, it will last up to 5-10 business days and there will be some extra charge for the transfer to be paid by you.

If you have any questions, doubts or issues, an efficient 24/7 customer care staff is at your disposal and you can contact them by mail, via live chat or phone.

Now let’s sum up the advantages of bank wire deposits

  1. The most important benefit is safety. Instant bank transfers are the safest payment option available right now due to the perfectly regulated environment with strict rules and policies aiming at security as an ultimate priority.
  2. This is an excellent alternative for high rollers, Aussie players who enjoy the thrills of high stakes as the maximum limit of bank transfers are really very high up to dozens of thousands of dollars.
  3. Most casinos accept instant bank transfers for both depositing and withdrawals, this is the most widespread payment method.

There are some disadvantages of instant bank transfers

  1. The process is quite slow, it may take up to 7 business days until the deposited funds appear on your casino balance and even longer for cashout.
  2. Though these days many banks provide clients with online banking solutions and phone service, you might be asked to visit bank in person to confirm you identity and make a transaction. It is time-consuming and tiresome for you.
  3. If you find bank fees too high, you should consider another option, for example, paysafecard that is essentially free but it does not allow depositing large amounts. You might save a lot of money on foreign exchange fees in case your bank account and your casino account are held in the same currency.

All in all, instant bank transfers might be slow and seem to be old-fashioned but they rely on the physical banking system, therefore they are still the most reliable banking option and unsurpassed in terms of transferable amounts.