American Express Casino – AmEx deposits Australia

Australian Casinos that accept American Express depositsAMEX Casinos: American Express is one of the oldest financial companies in the USA and today it has become a giant payment institution in the world of card-based payments. The company was born under the name Western Express in 1845.

The birth of American Express was the result of the merging of three companies that were at that time active participants in the business of transporting goods, valuables and livestock between New York and Buffalo.

The company continued to grow and flourish and soon had 900 offices in 10 states. In 1895 AMEX opened its first international office in Paris. At present its headquarters are in New York and they are a leading payments company worldwide.

American Express cards are one of the safest options to make a deposit at online casinos but not all Aussie online casinos accept these cards. AMEX is unique in offering not only cards but a range of other products and services including insurance, travel bookings, currency exchange and online services. It is the only company in the world with a powerful presence across the whole payments chain. The company provides 12 different types of cards to suit various usage purposes. The brand’s unbroken popularity is due to several factors:

  • First and for most they provide premium, top quality service.
  • The company implemented the most intelligent security technology to detect frauds or hackers into your card account.
  • The cards come together with exciting so called AMEX Offers feature like a range of freebies and bonus offers.

From the vendor-side it has a relatively higher fee compared to other major cards that is why not too many online casinos support this method. But the ones that do care more about its players than about a small issue on its side like a higher fee to AMEX.

The cards fall into four major categories: Personal cards include travel credit cards, cash back credit cards, no annual fee credit cards and more. There are small business charge cards and credit cards, a range of corporate cards for corporate employees, and the fourth one are prepaid travel cards like prepaid gift cards and prepaid debit cards and vouchers like POLi and NeoSurf.

Getting an AMEX credit card is not a complicated process. You can apply for one in any American Express branch offices or in a number of reputed banks or easily by registering with the company’s official website. This is the most convenient way to shop for an American Express card, so let’s see how you do it:

Visit the American Express website and click the Cards menu. Choose the card that you want and open an account for that card. Fill up the form with the required details and click Submit. Then your credit history and other related details are verified, and if everything is all right, you will get the American Express card of your choice.

Certain factors determine whether you get the AMEX card and also the credit limit and other details accociated with your card. These factors are your monthly income, your credit history, and your monthly credit dues.

American Express cards can be used in any online shopping sites or at your local departmental store accepting AMEX. Be careful as some vendors do not support AMEX because of the slightly high vendor fees associated with the card.

Top advantages of using American Express card are listed below

  • They are simple and easy to use.
  • Deposits with American Express are instant, your money will appear on your casino account fast.
  • You are guaranteed access to funds in your bank account whenever you need it unless you have maxed out your card.
  • Of course you have to pay back the money used from your AMEX card like from all other credit cards (VISA Master Cards). You have two options: you can pay the full amount back or in monthly instalments.
  • Being an AMEX owner, you are eligible for a great range of freebies and discounts via a built-in feature designed to reward players for using the card.
  • American Express uses the latest security technologies to ensure your money is safe.
  • The fact of being a global payment giant for decades now gives the advantage of time and experience compared to competitors.

Some disadvantages of AMEX credit card should also be mentioned. Naturally you have to return the money you spent with interest so you end up paying back more than you spent.  There is a risk of spending more from your card in trying to win back what you lost and this way you easily overshoot your original budget.