High rollers vs low rollers – Casino Comps for VIPs

By | March 10, 2021

High Rollers vs Low Rollers and compsTo bet or not to bet? Is it all about luck? These questions pop up in the mind of thousands of players out there, and to be honest, there is just no straight answers to those questions. Actually, every playing style can be both beneficial and risky in its own way. Before you reconsider your gaming strategy and become a high roller and play for real money, you should definitely need to read this article. We are going to represent the main differencies between high rollers and low rollers, characteristics, risks, perks, strategies, and suitable types of games for both categories.

First of all, let’s find out who a high roller is and what his or her main features are. High rollers, also called as ’whales’, are the kind of players who can spend an average person’s salary in one night playing casino games. They has the courage to risk everything and are not scared to go all in. Famous gamblers are always welcome to all the casinos accross the States, and it is almost certain that it is about a high roller gambler. These people are pretty influential in the casino world and they receive special attention and care from leading casino chains including:

  • A private jet that delivers players to the casino venue
  • Best suites in the hotel
  • VIP access to events
  • Best meals in town at Michelin restaurants
  • And of course, unprecedent amount of attention throughout their entire stay

It all sounds like a dream and almost too good to be true, doesn’t it? Well, you might think that high rollers are amazingly wealthy millionaires who have money even under their skin but it is not always the case.  In fact, you do not need to be on the world’s VIP list to become a high roller and get this kind of attention. All you need to do is to behave like one: show up at a casino and throw your cash at a roulette table or a slot machine, as if money never meant a thing to you. This kind of behaviour will undoubtedly give you the status of a high roller: no matter your look, your skin colour, the brand of shoes you are wearing, or the model of the car you are driving.

VIP player comps – High Roller Casino features

And guess what, online casinos also welcome high rollers with no less enhutsiasm, they receive the followings:

  • Personal VIP Host
  • Higher betting limits
  • Tailored bonuses
  • Special promotion packages
  • Access to exclusive tournaments and more.

Having all these benefits you are going to feel like a royalty at an online casino (KingBilly, Playamo). These players are more likely to lose large sums, especially if their risks are not carefully calculated beforehand. If your final goal is hitting the jackpot, then you must do some calculations in advance and be careful! And that is the point where average low rollers can actually have an advantage.

Low rollers are recognizable for playing at a lower stake and try not to play away their whole fortune in one session. But do not think that they are less experienced players, on the contrary, they know a lot about gambling and they are fairly good players, the only difference is that they usually bet small sums of money and do not get that special treatment from the casino. Many games require a lot of energy and patience to hit the jackpot and it is the low rollers that have a bigger chance of getting the highest reward.

Different casino games are recommended for high rollers and low rollers, depending on betting limits the casino puts in place. Online casino fans should try progressive jackpot games where the jackpot is cumulatively increased with every new player adding more to the pot, little by little, over time. So if you can afford to take your time and bet some good money on it, a progressive jackpot slot will reward you with a much higher jackpot than the usual one.

High rollers prefer games where the minimum bet starts from 25 USD and finishes with 1000 USD. Blackjack, roulette, poker usually offer you that option. A high roller should become a VIP member of a certain casino to be given several VIP treatment priorities including higher betting limits for their favourite games. Most online casinos feature some pretty low betting limits starting from 0.1 USD. This way, low rollers have the opportunity to savor the game without worrying about having to spend too much money.

Being a high roller is a kind of lifestyle that has quite an attractive appeal and charm to it but that does not mean it is always 100% successful. Most high rollers can already afford to spend thousands of dollars a single night and it will not hurt their bank account much. Before you decide to switch to this lifestyle, check your bank account and consider all the pros and cons. You know the saying: It is better to be safe than sorry.