How to win at Bingo? Australian tips and tricks

By | May 1, 2021

How to win at bingo?Nevertheless, Bingo is considered a gambling game. Companies that organize these games profit from them as well, though they are regulated by the government. This owes to the fact that players must pay a fee to join the game, rely on chance to win prizes, and just like other forms of gambling, it is no longer illegal by federal law.

Bingo is now considered as one of the family’s board games. A bingo set can be played at the store and the family can all gather in the living room and play or, download bingo game software. Or you can play this engaging game with your friends at bingo halls, where food and snacks are allowed. Truly, bingo has changed so much as far as its presentation and appearance is concerned, but the rules of the game stay the same.

Bingo game rules and basics

The basic bingo rules are the followings: Bingo cards have 25 squares, with the center square as a “free space.”. The caller draws a piece and calls out the letter and the number, and if the number is on a player’s board, its square may be covered with a chip or marked with a highlighter. When a player has a full line straight across a row, or straight down a column, he yells out “bingo!” and win the game. The latest trend of online bingo actually breathed new life into the game. These days you can play Bingo in an online casino with dozens of cards each time. You can play all by yourself or with multiple players and the jackpot is calculated in accordance with the total number of players. Now we show you some tips and tricks on how to win at Bingo.

Play with more cards: The most popular strategy of winning at bingo is buying many cards. The more cards you buy, the more chances of winning you have. But remember, multiple cards are no guarantee of winning, so this strategy may end up with losing money. It is also a big question, should you buy more expensive cards or cheaper ones? Some players believe more expensive cards have a higher chance of winning, while others prefer to buy cards in bulk, this way drastically increasing the probability of winning and fun. In online bingo, you can buy up to 250 cards a game and the announcement of winnings are fairly frequent as well, which is why playing online is more and more popular.

Fewer players – more chance to win: If you reduce the competition, you increase your chances of winning. No wonder, if you play in a crowded chat room with 100 other players, you have got 100 more chances that someone else will yell ’bingo’ before you. Consequently, longer games are more beneficial since more balls are drawn for the same number of cards that you already bought, which increases the chance of winning one or even a few of the lines. To play longer games, you must choose a less crowded bingo hall. In terms of jackpot, small competition brings smaller rewards as jackpots are given out based on the number of cards purchased for the game.

Use the strategy: If you would like to equip yourself with something more than pure luck, then try these strategies and find out how they work for you. The two most well-known bingo strategies in the world are Tippett and Granville. Both require choosing certain numbers in the purchased cards, so you have to choose the bingo halls or online chat rooms where it is possible to choose your cards or exchanging the ones that you’ve got. Joseph Granville was a famous stock market expert who designed a strategy of how you can increase the chances of hitting the right number. First, you need to scan through the numbers on the card and make sure:

  • to pick odd and even numbers equally
  • the number of big and small numbers is even
  • to choose as many vairations of numbers as possible

How much can you win at bingo?

Have you heard that the biggest jackpot in bingo was more than $6 million? It would be nice to win, wouldn’t it? The British statistician Leonard H.C. Tippett created his own theory of winning at bingo. His key point is time. The longer the games is, the higher the probability of getting numbers closer to the middle of the sequence (for example in a 75-ball bingo those would be numbers around 37-38).

However, for shorter games, it is recommended to choose cards with numbers closer to either 1 or 75. To predict whether a game is going to be longer or shorter is not easy but for example, ’full house’ bingo games are surely going to be longer, while easy games, in which it’s enough to collect a line of crossed out numbers, might be shorter.

It is always worth doing a little research before playing bingo. There are many types of bingo available, and you have to find out which one works the best for you. Do not forget to use the bonuses offered to you by the casino. With online bingo, jackpot games are announced in advance and you do not have to be present when it happens. So, it may happen to you that one day you log into your account and see that you won a jackpot!