Online gambling booms, land-based casinos struggle

By | February 18, 2021

Online casinos vs land-based in 2021

The year of 2020 was unpredictable for most of us, and it can be described a lot of ways. But for many industries ’terrifying and hopeless’ might be better descriptions including land-based casinos. However, while brick-and-mortar casinos took losses all over the world, online casinos and sports betting sites flourished in terms of fresh interest and revenue.

Every land-based casino suffered the most during the earlier part of 2020 when the strickest lockdown protocols were in place worldwide. And moving into 2021, land-based establishments are still having a hard time as they are still facing a lot of restrictions.

We wonder how quickly will things get better for offline casinos. That will mainly depend on their location. Vaccine rollout give hope to get back to normal but vaccines are getting out faster in some countries and states than others. Land-based casinos can reopen to the public as soon as COVID-19 is under control.

In 2020 online betting gave people an alternative to land-based casinos since they are safe entertainment option during the pandemic. So, even those, who did not gamble online before, have started to discover its fun and convenience to play for real money.

The first lockdown in March 2020 witnessed a large increase in online gambling and betting all over the globe. One million more bets were placed during lockdown in the United Kingdom. Even as vaccines bring hope for fighting coronavirus, the upward trend in online gambling seems to continue.

Video gaming is another winner of the coronavirus crisis. Since the pandemic started, many people were kept away from their old hobbies, so they started to play video games to have some fun in their spare time. The coronavirus-related restrictions kept millions of people at home and they had to look for new forms of entertainment.

The video game industry saw an impressive jump in both revenue and attentiveness to esports from major media companies. When people can return to traditional sports, it will slightly stop that growth but many people who started betting on esports last year will continue to do so this year. So, this is another area where we expect growth in 2021.

No surprise that online gambling options continue to expand rapidly around the world. Now it is easier than ever to find top online casinos like Uptown Pokies or FairGO and sports betting sites. Online gamblers can take advantage of amazing bonuses and an expanding selection of slots and table games.

You do not need to fly to Las Vegas anymore to enjoy a Vegas Strip experience, you can do so in the comfort and safety of your home. No matter if you are fond of betting on sports, esports or casino games, placing an online bet is now as simple as opening your browser on your mobile device – always look for high quality casinos to wager your money with.

Wherever you are in the wolrd, you can easily log in to your favourite online casino and enjoy online pokies aka slots, video poker or traditional table games such as roulette, baccarat or card games. Once you made your first deposit into your account, you are eligible for various bonus rewards and free spins.

Hopefully the crisis of land-based casinos will end soon but we do not know what the future brings with respect of new strains of coronavirus and other pathogens. Luckily one thing is sure in this uncertainty, that the world of online gambling will be there to entertain us even during lockdowns.