Keno Online Game for Aussie players

By | April 8, 2021

Keo - How to play and win keno game

Keno is a fairly popular game among gamblers, fans of bingo, number games and lotteries. It is similar to lotto, except it is enjoyable and can be used as a social game over dinner or drinks. Keno is a game with a legendary past in China and then soon spread around the world. Many people still think that Keno is a boring game only played by the old, and it is only a game of the chance. Well, it is not true at all. Did you know that this ’lotterie like’ game does have a unique strategy that players use in choosing their lucky numbers to hit the jackpot? In this article we will share with you how to win at Keno with six tips that actually work.

Choose a reputable online casino with the best keno games and the biggest payouts. There is one very important thing you need to pay attention before you register and make any transaction at any site, you need to check if it has been licensed by a well-known government authority. Concerning keno games, make sure to check the payout tables for each game as not all of them have the same payouts for picking the numbers that are selected. Plenty of online casinos offer great bonuses and promotions for playing keno with them. But do not fall for their seduction as most times the payouts are far less.

As a beginner, it is hard to decide how many picks you should be making. Have a look once more at the payout table above to know how many picks you need to get right to break even. Choose anywhere between seven and eleven picks  and you will only need to get three correct picks to break even. It is not a good strategy to pick seven, eight, nine or ten numbers as picking eleven keno numbers gives us a better chance to make your money back.

How to win at Keno game online?

Practice makes perfect. It is also true for playing keno. The more you play, the better player you become. But why would you risk your own money if you can play also in demo mode? You can use the free play option to find out the little tricks and tips. Always play at least one game of free play every time you start to play online keno games.

Our next tip to win keno is choosing the right casino! You have to be careful as there are still shady and unreliable online casinos out there which are better to avoid. Even the best strategy is worth nothing if you are playing with dodgy sites. That amazing 500% match bonus means nothing to you if you never get to your money.

If you have already played keno, it must have happened to you too. You have picked your lucky number seven for the last five times and it did not show up once. You decide to stop playing your lucky number seven and the next three games – it gets selected! Murphy’s law at its finest. Altough Keno picks are randomly generated numbers, experienced players are tend to pick hot or consecutive numbers and to play with stubborn numbers that haven’t appeared for a while.

How does keno work?

Check back over game results to see what was selected the most and least. In order to maximise your chance at winnings with this strategy, play games with back to back numbers. It is recommended to play more than one game with the same selection. Studies conducted in Germany and in the UK about hot numbers in keno and the lotto had surprising results. In Germany, the numbers 40, 37, 63, 21 and 35 were drawn five times more frequently than the numbers 9 and 50.  In the UK, the number 44 had been drawn the most in their national lotto since its inception in 1994. This raises the question:  are random number generators really that random?

Many people involve special and lucky numbers and play the same unique numbers in keno and lotto every Thursday at seniors’ night for the last thirty years. These numbers can be their family’s birthday numbers, anniversary dates etc. It may sound cliché but it can work. In the United States, a woman from Atlanta, Georgia won half of the second largest lotto jackpot in USA history just by using her family’s birthday numbers.

All over the world, different countries and different cultures have their views on lucky and unlucky numbers. In the USA, the number seven is deemed to be lucky becuase of its biblical references and its regular appearance in everyday life. However, in China, number seven is unlucky for its pronunciation as the word ‘Qi’ means cheating or lying.

Now that you read all six tips to win at Keno, use them bravely and boost your winnings today.